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Breastfeeding has long been acknowledged as the ideal method of infant feeding. Regarding health- not only does breastmilk contain 100% of an infants' unique nutritional requirements but also additional elements related to survival and protection while baby is compromised by an immature and developing immune system. The depth of ingredients, live cultures and active immuno-proteins comprising human milk is extensive and intricate and each plays a unique role in baby's development and survival- from the fats and proteins that nourish baby's brain to the ogliosacchirides that act as dummy-targets for the removal of harmful pathogens - breastmilk alone adapts and responds to the unique needs of the infant. In terms of the growing sanctity of health: breastfed babies fare better then artificially feb babies in a number of incredibly important areas: including immunity, feeding behaviors, weight, brain development, food sensitivities, growth and behavioural/learning disroders, digestive functioning and future disorders and coronary diseases. Breastfeeding itself is a vital part of the optimal health achivement of infants as it triggers important changes in the hormonal and cell development (and differentiation) in both mother and baby- reducing mothers' risks of associated threats from breast and ovarian cancers and cardoivasur diseases later in life as well as initiating hormonal regulations and balance that benefit both mother and baby.

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