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The Mind of The Mama

It takes more than milk to breastfeed.

We hold that: A calm, resolved and determined mind is an essential

component of a breastfeeding woman's journey and evolution into a mother.  

Acquiring and maintaining that mindset is an important part of enjoying and appreciating this particularly important and all encompassing part of life. 


We are not always able to control many aspect of our lives, including day to day events, external situations and the behaviors and opinions of the people around us, but what we can always control is our own reactions, interpretations and internalizations. There is a place between experiencing something and reacting to it, and that space is: the mind.

There will always be challenges. There will always be misinformation. There will always be judgment and opinion.

But- when we are able to approach these things with a mind of calm, clarity and self pride: we will find ourselves better able to act and react according to what is truly best for ourselves and our babies. 


The mind of the Mama is a true strength when harnessed to be so.

We appreciate that it must be nurtured, strengthened and celebrated.

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