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As a tool for assisting the development of secure attachment, breastfeeding can play an important role in the growth of a child's unique psychological foundations and assumptions regarding ones sense of self- which in turn impact interpersonal relationships, self confidence and degrees of natural independence. A responsive and empathetic breastfeeding mother may instill in her child an individual sense of being consistently loved and validated while responsiveness to cues of distress and discomfort form the first roots of empathy in an infant.

The development of certain personality characteristics are dependent on the personal experience of them:  To be entrenched empathy must first be experienced, to be caring one must first experience being cared for, the benefit of generosity must be felt before it can be understood as important.

Breastfeeding, with its demands of closeness, bonding and physical and emotional generosity by a mother, may be used as a tool in the process of developing such positive personality traits.



With her body, mind and time- a breastfeeding mother demonstrates self sacrifice and generosity to her infant.


What a wonderful trait to teach. 



"empathy is caught not taught."  

 Mary Gordon,

of Roots Of Empathy Organisation :

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