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Why is this So Important?

Breastfeeding is acknowledged to be an important aspect of care for all babies and one that we must work to protect and nurture. When a new baby is placed on their mother's chest for the first time; the opportunity for something of real value and importance exists. 

But why?

Why is breastfeeding held up as so important and why do we encourage mothers to persevere through the challenges when they feel overwhelmed, nervous, exhausted and like " it's not working"?


Below are 3 of the best reasons around.

Tap the links to read the science and wonder behind human beings most miraculous production



Breastmilk is evolutionary magic. Within human milk an array of truly fantastic essential elements culminate in a completely perfect substance that not only nourishes but also prevents infection, illness and death. Adapts to the needs and behaviors of both child and mother and has within it the potential to create...


Breastfeeding requires more then the production of milk by a mother and so it also provides more. Breastfeeding ignites natural hormones and innate behaviors that not only inform the behavior of a mother but also imprint on the neurological and emotional development of the child- forming an essential Attachment that will shape future relationships and interactions.


Our first experiences of love, attachment, security and empathy are strong foundational elements for the developmental psychology and mental blueprints for our lives. Breastfeeding can be a powerful tool in the building of such a personal understanding our ourselves and the relationships we may have with others. Roots of empathy must be dug deep. 

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