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Get Latched

Our philosophy embraces all that Breastfeeding is and all that breastfeeding does,

as our evolutionary link to our most natural and primal selves.


Getting latched involves accepting and embracing the shared relationship that breastfeeding provides and requires, and the growth it inspires in us; to become more then we were able to foresee, and to undergo a real life evolution- into life sustainers, natural nurturers and fiercely attached-Mothers.  


Getting Latched acknowledges a mother's commitment, adaption and responsiveness to the needs of her baby while she learns how to become a new person.

Getting Latched requires self sacrifice, patience, strength of mind and body and an embracing of the unfamiliar and the difficult -for the goal of doing what's best and most natural for her baby and herself. 

We recognize the challenges breastfeeding brings, along with the wonderful gifts it provides and believe wholeheartedly that nothing is more worth the struggle than a mothers time spent becoming 'latched' on her child. 

A newborn baby latches onto a mother's breast and a mother is latched to her baby forever.

The Latched On You


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